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by Casual Hoteles
Impossible to talk about Bilbao and not talk about the wonderful Guggenheim Museum . Designed by the North American architect Frank Gerhy, the museum is located below the level of the city, exactly 16 meters, being in the basin of the Nervión estuary. Its impressive structure is made up of a series of interconnected volumes, some orthogonal and others curved and more or less twisted that give it its unique shape, but all covered with half-millimeter-thick titanium plates, like an unmistakable metallic skin. It protects you from environmental conditions. Its design was done by computer, due to the mathematical complexity in the design. It certainly does not go unnoticed… Artistic styles include minimalism, pop-art, conceptual art, abstract expressionism… etc., and among the innumerable artists who have works on display are Kandinsky, Cezánne, Picasso, Miró, Warthol, etc… The museum opens its doors from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 in the morning to 8 in the afternoon, and the normal entrance is 8 euros, being free for children under 12 years. An essential visit that is rounded off by resting in our Casual Bilbao Gurea, located very close to the museum. And then we recommend one of our tapas routes through the gastronomy of the city.


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