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by Casual Hoteles
San Sebastián has the largest number of Michelin stars per capita, so far everyone is clear, we also know that its culture and history is abundantly rich and attractive for tourists, but its gastronomy cannot go unnoticed with such a number of awarded.
When we make a trip we usually plan where to sleep and what to do, but what about where to eat. In the end you always end up in the bar that is empty and that is not always the best option in terms of gastronomy and economy. The key in these cases is to move as if you were local.

Well, let's not get off topic, we are in San Sebastian, Basque Country, 12:30pm, and on an empty stomach, who doesn't think of a tortilla pintxo or a gilda? Well, I'm going to tell you where to find these and other exquisite snacks.
  • Valles House. Reyes Catolicos Kalea, 10. In this bar you should ask for a gilda, the typical Basque pintxo par excellence and that arose in this very place. Piparra, olive, anchovy and a toothpick are the ingredients of this peculiar pintxo.
  • Sansse. San Martzial Kalea, 37. In this place the tortilla flies, so be attentive or you will run out of it. From what they tell me, it's worth the wait for it.
  • The spike. San Martzial Kalea, 48. Traditional San Sebastián bar with various delicacies among which we find 'la chorrera', it has egg, cheese and ham in a trench coat although you can't leave without trying 'la delicia' which consists of anchovy, hard-boiled egg , vinaigrette and mayonnaise.
  • Saint Martial. San Martzial Kalea, 50. Known for the 'gavillas', a kind of ham and cheese croquettes, without which you cannot finish the route.
  • Anthony Bar. Calle Bergara, 3. Among its specialties is the omelette, but we find other more elaborate and exquisite ones such as oxtail and shrimp ravioli in Martini sauce or black pudding battered with foie.



This pintxo route is less than 20 minutes away, the most distant bar, from our Casual de las Olas and Casual del Jazz hotels.

We are waiting for you in San Sebastián, for a very Casual trip!


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