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by Casual Hoteles
When you travel as a family you like to find little treasures and in our case we offer you one of the best options for charming hotels in Valencia. This is our Casual Valencia Vintage, themed around vintage aesthetics, and which takes you through its different floors into different iconic elements of popular culture, such as the American style in the 60s, the Italian style of the Vespa or Federico Fellini, the British Vintage with the Beatles and the famous red telephone booths, or the suggestive Nouveau Français. But, of course, we have not forgotten that time that is so much ours, the Spain of the 70s, where we have paid homage to figures as endearing as Paco Martínez Soria, Lina Morgan, Tony Leblanc, José Luis López Vázquez or Manolo Gómez Bur . But with all the details taken care of so that you feel that you are among one of the most comfortable charming hotels in Valencia, with natural breakfast, free Wi-Fi and best located in the city. And at an exceptional price!

Charming hotels in Valencia for families

Perhaps your children will look at you strangely, and not understand why there is so much passion for a "little bug" like this, but more than one will love the room dedicated to Naranjito, the famous mascot of the 1982 Soccer World Cup. Obviously, we also sweep for home, as it is represented with an orange, a typical fruit of Valencia. Many memories, and good ones, will come to your mind. But we reveal some more secrets of our proposal for your list of charming hotels in Valencia. All our clients will be able to travel to the past but they will find all the comforts of the present with 43" Smart TVs, large and very comfortable beds, free WIFI inside and outside the hotel, free pack for babies (backpack, stroller, cot and bathtub, thanks to the agreement with the Adventurer Baby), etc.
Finally, an essential piece of information to be on the list of charming hotels in Valencia: the location. The Casual Valencia Vintage is in the same Plaza del Ayuntamiento, so you can visit the main tourist spots on foot. You can see more about the tourism offer in Valencia in our blog.


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