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by Casual Hoteles
Are you thinking of traveling as a family with children ? Let's face it, surely now you will be looking at a mobile application to see destinations, proposals, appropriate places, etc. And it is that, tourism has changed with smartphones , those devices to which we have entrusted our lives and our leisure. It is no longer just about having turned it into our photo camera, but rather our inspiration to choose and prepare our next family trips with children. There is everything, but this time we would like to recommend a series of applications that will help you when looking for leisure plans and family trips with children. Do not hesitate to consult them to find the most original ideas, or at least, the activities that will allow you to enjoy a pleasant time with the children.
Apps for family trips with children
  • Kideoo With this free app, provides you with the most original plans in a personalized and convenient way to enjoy the time you have to spend with your children.
  • Traveling with children The leading family travel application in Spain. Tips, routes, experiences and much more, all related to the best possibilities for a vacation to live with your children.
  • Yelp . In the Yelp app, you'll find 70 million user reviews of local businesses from around the world. Wherever you go you can find places suitable for your children by searching for it to be 'good for children'.
  • Minube Do you need inspiration to travel with children? In Minube you can find the best travel ideas, from great trips to original ideas and always with the recommendations of other travelers like you.
  • Divertydoo Divertydoo is a free application for parents and children with which to locate a multitude of interesting plans and activities around you.
And remember that if you are going to make a trip to Valencia, Seville or Bilbao we will be delighted to receive you at Casual Hotels . In our hotels we have special services for family trips with children, such as pushchairs, cots and, above all, plenty of space to be comfortable. Meanwhile, start downloading these Apps to travel as a family and not miss anything in each of these cities.


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